Blast to the Past! ðŸ“¸

I have wanted to start a blog for the longest time, a place where I can write and tell other about my interests and life. I never had the guts to do it until one day I realized, who cares what others think!? I am going to be me and let nothing hold me back. Be my authentic self.

For todays post I wanted to share a little about what I enjoy doing. Modeling! It has been a minute since ive been behind the camera due to getting preggers and having my little boy. But I am back in shape and ready to defeat the world! Ha! Really though, its all for fun:) It is a place to go where you can just let go and have so much fun, (Especially with the right photographer) a place to feel good about yourself cause you feel confident! I think any woman should have a day where she gets her makeup done, puts amazing clothes on and has some proffesional pics taken. You’ll be surprised how it gives you a confidence boost. Now, I am not saying lower your standards by any means. There are a lot of unproffesional photographers and people out there. But there are also very professional ones as well.

I still love modeling but I thought I could share some Fun photos I modeled in over the years! cause why not right!? ♡JF-9986-Edit

These are just some photos from a couple shoots I enjoyed. 📸

Photo credit: @jen_fairchild, @maxwellpoth, @aveda, @niyamodels

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